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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Welcome to my newsletter. Every week, I’ll update you on Cloud Native topics in 3 categories News, Assets, and Skills.
I did minor updates to my site; I added a page for all my Cloud Native learning resources
I also updated the Kubernetes Book Club roadmap
My two highlights are the Kubernetes Documentary on youtube and microshift from Red Hat to get openshift running on Raspberry Pi.

Kubernetes: The Documentary [PART 1]
Kubernetes: The Documentary [PART 1]
Introducing MicroShift - Red Hat Emerging Technologies
Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack
Scaling Kubernetes to Over 4k Nodes and 200k Pods | by Abdul Qadeer | The PayPal Technology Blog | Jan, 2022 | Medium
Inside Amazon’s Graviton3 Arm Server Processor
SUSE releases NeuVector, the industry’s first open source container security platform | SUSE Communities
Third-Party Software for Teslas Can Be Hacked, German Teen Says - Bloomberg
Our Cloud Native Journey to Red Hat OpenShift Using Quarkus
Spin up a Ubuntu VM using Pulumi and libvirt | Dustin Specker
Kubernetes Nodes - The Complete Guide | Komodor
Kubernetes API Basics - Resources, Kinds, and Objects
Securing Admission Controllers | Kubernetes
Orca Security Discovers AWS Glue Vulnerability - Orca Security
Remix vs Next.js | Remix
GitHub - up9inc/mizu: API traffic viewer for Kubernetes enabling you to view all API communication between microservices.
GitHub - tohjustin/kube-lineage: A CLI tool to display all dependencies or dependents of an object in a Kubernetes cluster.
CodeZero - Visual Studio Marketplace
GitHub - asobti/kube-monkey: An implementation of Netflix's Chaos Monkey for Kubernetes clusters
GitHub - sagittaros/terraform-k3s-private-cloud: Private cluster with k3s. Why have 1 huge complicated cluster (pet) when you can have many simple, cheap clusters (cattle)?
GitHub - vercel/micro: Asynchronous HTTP microservices
GitHub - jedi4ever/bashpack: turns nodejs projects into a single executable bash file
Create powerful apps and websites, without code.
eBPF: A Top-Down View
eBPF: A Top-Down View
A Deep Dive into Kubernetes External Traffic Policies — Andrew Sy Kim
Episode 17 w/ Brian LeRoux: The Case for a Local Dev Experience in Serverless, Architect and, and Making Sense of the Web Today – AWS FM
DevOps Roadmap: Learn to become a DevOps Engineer or SRE
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana @csantanapr

Welcome to my newsletter. Every week, I'll update you on Cloud Native topics in 3 categories News, Assets, and Skills

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