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Newsletter of Carlos Santana - Issue #28

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Hello, friends; this week, I have been polishing my Terraform skills and using a new free course by my friend Sid.
This weekend there was a debate when I went downstairs to the Kitchen, which was choosing which cheese is better Spanish Goat Cheese or Spanish Manchego Cheese, so I did what any nerd would do and created a Twitter Poll.
There was a good conversation on why Kubernetes doesn’t have more batteries included like using digest for images, and an interesting one since Knative does this by default.

Best Practices for Multi-tenancy in Argo CD | by Dan Garfield | Feb, 2022 | Argo Project
Complete Terraform Course - From BEGINNER to PRO! (Learn Infrastructure as Code)
Complete Terraform Course - From BEGINNER to PRO! (Learn Infrastructure as Code)
[Technical Product Update] What's New: OpenShift 4.10 [Feb-2022]
Kubernetes Security Best Practices: The Definitive Guide | ARMO
1Password for SSH & Git (Beta) | 1Password Developer Documentation
Kubernetes Virtual clusters with Loft Labs
Disclosure: Fixing a critical bug in Optimism’s Geth fork | by Optimism PBC | Feb, 2022 | Medium
Golang project structuring — Ben Johnson way | by vignesh dharuman | SellerApp | Feb, 2022 | Medium
Global Load Balancer Approaches
Auto Scaling CI Agents At Wix
GitOps in Kubernetes: How to do it with GitLab CI and Argo CD | by Andrzej Kaczynski | Medium
GitHub - rebuy-de/aws-nuke: Nuke a whole AWS account and delete all its resources.
GitHub - developer-guy/rekor-falco: A Falco Plugin for Rekor Transparency Log Server
GitHub - google/k8s-digester: Add digests to container and init container images in Kubernetes pod and pod template specs.
GitHub - estesp/mquery: Multi-platform (manifest list/OCI index) registry image query utility
GitHub - mylesagray/tanzu-cluster-gitops
Kind, Keycloak — Securing Kubernetes api server with OIDC | by Charles-Edouard Brétéché | Feb, 2022 | Medium
Real world Tekton pipeline - Hashnode
Internals of Go's new fuzzing system —
Azure Study Map
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana @csantanapr

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