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Newsletter of Carlos Santana - Issue #33

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Last week we finished the book Container Security by Liz Rice, and this week we started a new book Kubernetes Security by Michale Hausenblas and Liz Rice. If You want to see the following books we will be reading and discussing, check out the Kubernetes Book Club.
If you are a new person to open source and want to participate in Google Summer of Code (GSOC) this year with one of the CNCF projects, including Kubernetes, Knative, and many others, I hosted a Twitter Space you can listen to the recording.
PS: If you plan to attend KubeCon and KnativeCon, I’m giving two talks. Please don’t be shy, say hi, and take a selfie with me 🤗

Virtual Kubernetes clusters: A new model for multitenancy |
Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes 1.22 | Amazon Web Services
Spring4Shell: The zero-day RCE in the Spring Framework explained | Snyk
Announcing Grafana Mimir, the most scalable open source TSDB in the world | Grafana Labs
Is Platform Engineering the New DevOps or SRE? | by Daniel Bryant | Mar, 2022 | Ambassador Labs
Migrate from PodSecurityPolicy to  PodSecurity Admission Controller (Updated)
Kubernetes-in-Kubernetes and the WEDOS PXE bootable server farm | Kubernetes
Generics can make your Go code slower
Is Your Cluster Ready for v1.24? | Kubernetes
Kubernetes scheduler written in less than 100 lines of bash
A Kubectl plugin that can detect if any of your workloads or manifest files are mounting the docker.sock volume
Validate your Kubernetes configuration files, supports multiple Kubernetes versions
A FAST Kubernetes manifests validator, with support for Custom Resources!
Technical FAQ on the Digital Markets Act |
Finding an intro to maths for cryptography | by Liz Rice | Medium
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana @csantanapr

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