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Newsletter of Carlos Santana - Issue #36

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
We conducted a Kubernetes Release Shadow program on Twitter Spaces where you can listen to the recording of what each area of the release team is composed of and how you can become a shadow.
I will be leading up Release Notes v1.25 and we are still accepting shadow applications until May 6th.
This newsletter edition is heavier on assets than news since I suspect a lot of projects and companies are holding their announcements for KubeConEU the week of May 16th.
If you are using Knative in your company I’m conducting user interviews for the User Experience Working Group, please reach out by volunteering your time for a short and simple interview.

Chainguard Enforce: Software Supply Chain Security for K8s – The New Stack
Kubernetes Release Shadow Program Twitter Space
New GraalVM 22.1: Developer experience improvements, Apple Silicon builds, and more
Addressing latency and data transfer costs on EKS using Istio
Installing an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes using Strimzi and GitOps – | Service Mesh Comparison
Exploring container security: Vulnerability management in open-source Kubernetes
Prevent Kubernetes misconfigurations during development with this open source tool
GitHub - The Kubernetes Security Profiles Operator
GitHub - SocketCAN Kubernetes device plugin
GitHub - Collection of gadgets for debugging and introspecting Kubernetes applications using BPF
GitHub -  OCI hook to trace syscalls and generate a seccomp profile
GitHub - Kernels for testing ebpf
Self-Care is Not the Solution for Burnout — The Beautiful Truth
TAG Observability Whitepaper
CKAD Scenarios Kubectl-Contexts | Pod-Resources | ConfigMap Access
You Don't Need an Image To Run a Container
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana @csantanapr

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