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Newsletter of Carlos Santana - Issue #40

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Hello folks, after taking a break this summer I’m back with my mojo collecting the best resources on cloud native.
Don’t forget to join me every Friday to discuss a Kubernetes book in our BookClub, this week we are discussing Chapter 8 “Policy” from the Hacking Kubernetes book.
Hope you’re not melting with this hot summer, stay hydrated.

Demystifying the Kubernetes Iceberg: Part 8 | Anton Sankov's Blog
Kubernetes Podcast from Google: Episode 185 - Writing, Learning and Tech, with Ian Miell
Operating efficiently at scale. By Brian Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder | by Coinbase | Jul, 2022 | The Coinbase Blog
SLSA • General Availability of SLSA 3 Go native builder for GitHub Actions
Optimizing CI/CD Credential Hygiene - A Comparison of CI/CD Solutions - Cider Security Site
Use Cases and Tips for Using the BusyBox Docker Official Image - Docker
Minimal Container Images: Towards a More Secure Future
Why Mercedes-Benz runs on 900 Kubernetes clusters | InfoWorld
GitHub - infracost/infracost: Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests💰📉 Love your cloud bill!
Showing how to go from source code to container image using melange+apko
GitHub - fonoster/fonoster: 🚀 The open-source alternative to Twilio
GitHub - mingrammer/diagrams: Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures
Living with Kubernetes: 12 Commands to Debug Your Workloads – The New Stack
Fixing the Developer Experience of Kubernetes Port Forwarding – Inlets – The Cloud Native Tunnel
How to Deploy Java Microservices on Amazon EKS Using Terraform and Kubernetes | Okta Developer
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana @csantanapr

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